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Water Cycles

There are two distinct Water Cycles on Earth: the Primary Water cycle and the Secondary Water cycle. 

Primary Water is created deep within the Earth from the synthesis of hydrogen and oxygen. Under tremendous pressure from Earth's internal heat, liquid H2O contents in solid objects or by it own became hot steam and forced upward through rock fissures (weakest areas of Earth's crust) becoming liquid as it cools. Primary Water is forced upward, while atmospheric water is subject to the effects of gravity and flows downward.


Accumulations of water from melting ice from Tibet, the 7 months monsoon/rains, the evaporation, and from the Pacific Ocean west of the International Date Line tropical typhoons, make SE Asia the most abundant secondary freshwater cycle in high altitude, tropical zone of the world. The Mini Ice-Age and Ice-Age are affecting this cycle.

Desert locations: Central China, Central Eurasia, South Asia, North and East Africa.

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