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As global financial crisis ( and harsh climate ( are among us, we propose ... 

Global Risks, Global Solution

With ongoing global risks including extreme cold, extreme hot, global financial crisis, energy crisis (end of oil), food crisis, water crisis, ..., the solution is to physically develop the tropical region furthermore with the system as the main driver:
- to collect and supply over-abundance of freshwater, starting at the Earth warm freshwater Goldilocks region of Laos.
- to generate clean energy and mass produce goods, food, drinking water, …
- to distribute those produces faster, cheaper, cleaner, on time
- to replace fossil-fuel powered air, sea, rail, road transportation 
- that will increase global trade, land value, and global wealth 
- to build a real space program economy for infinite resources exploration 

Beyond sustainable, secure, prosperous, and just world for everyone

Starting by interconnecting existing and future dams, increase warm freshwater collection further on top of Lao stable tectonic plate mountains, and below a narrow route, at tropical climate Goldilocks zone means shorter transfer route to good production areas, with plenty of young and dynamic human resources and world factories nearby.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Global Water Management project

What makes it particularly feasible, is the topography of landlocked Laos, which is mountainous and separated on its eastern border with Vietnam by a 1,000-km-long, and high mountain range, the Annanitese Cordillera.

The Mekong River runs alongside, below this natural barrier, collecting water from its tributaries, and has carved out deep channels which can be easily dammed. After generating hydroelectricity, the water, electricity, and goods can be piped to other countries to green the deserts, supplying industrial, agricultural needs, and save transportation cost.

ASEAN perspective

Facing Ice Age risk of advancing and retreating icesheet, to store enough freshwater in order to supply to the entire ASEAN countries, the thai-isaan region can be transformed as large reservoir below and above the ground.

To do that;
Build expandable wall of Dams structures as illustrated to include:
- skyscrapers to share foundations
- upmarket properties to share costs
- covered canals to protect freshwater
- hydroloop transport system
- hi-speed railways
- R&D facilities for space explorations. 

Global perspective of an Ice Age World

To store enough non freezing freshwater satisfying global needs, extend water collection to Vietnam, the South China Sea, and the Philippines, increase previous phase storage volume, and supply using geoengineering.

To do that; build far-flung reservoir and Dams structures as illustrated to include:
- skyscrapers to share foundations
- upmarket properties to share costs
- covered canals to protect freshwater
- floating industrial compexes across the equator with
- hydroloop transport system
- hi-speed railways

Earth lives still have many more threats 

Any large comet impact, supervolcanic explosion, sun radiation, and Ice-Age followed by abrupt warming can wipe all of us out.

Other threats can reduce dramatically the world population and other lives such as:
- quakes, tsunami,
- flood/drought
- deforestation, and fire
- bankers wars 

Those threats can be dealed from above

The majority of us live on Earth dangerous zones. Some dangerous threats are only defendable from above.

It seems not very too far away from Earth surface, just a few hundreds km above, and it's zero gravity.

With today available technologies, banking system, "stalled  space programs" and the actual economic model affected by the lack of mega projects, this is the must for human survival and evolution, nothing else will work.

Partial Space Port, the gateaway to the infinite

The truth about space exploration is extreme heat if we approach a star like our sun and extreme cold once we move far away from it.

Having a spacedock will allow us to build:
- zero gravity space industrial complex
- starship fleets capable to face any threat
- taking better care of our planet and its inhabitants
- cleaning Earth and space junks, .... 

Once we do this, we become explorers and discoverers of the infinite.

Harvesting Primary Water Cycle

There are more water than we can see; two distinct Water Cycles exist:
- the Primary Water is created deep within the Earth from the synthesis of hydrogen and oxygen.

- the Second Water Cycle;  heated by the sun, water evaporate, condense, fall back and re-evaporate.

Both cycles can be better managed for global and intergalactic uses that benefit all lives.


Global Water Management projects 

Solar cycle #26 will be new Ice-Age

The 11 years solar cycle #25 will look like mini Ice-Age. See this Video comment section.

2017 extreame weather 

From 2017 to 2030, extreme weather will be global.


Preparing the Ice-Age World beyond sustainable, secure, prosperous and just world.

The Kra Canal and the Development of Southeast Asia

With Ice-Age looming, freshwater management in the tropic region is the must. 

2017 Facts

Events justifying Long Range Global cooling acceleration

2016 Facts

Facts based events justifying Long Range Global cooling

Global Risks Assessment

SEAWAPA Team Global Risk analysis for Global Solution

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