Predictable Risks

Predictable Global Risks with some localised, but global impact

Solar system Big masses and Global Risks connection

The Moon, Sun, Planet 9, Gas Giants planets, heliosphere, Oort Cloud elements variation, and Earth Risks connection including climate.

Climate Change

Global warming peaked in 1988 and slowly ending the Interglacial Warm Holidays to begin the short Mini Ice Age affecting all spectrum. After a return to short warming period, we expect a U-turn to long sleep of Ice Age Glaciation. It happened many times in the past, each time resetting Human evolution.

Economic Crisis

Solar change has become a prominent item on the agenda of world concerns. It is a main driver of the world economy, health and safety, food production security, comfort living, and other dimensions. Without the sun, the entire solar system is frozen death.

Flood & Drought

Two Water Cycles exist on Earth. Without proper global seawapa/solution water management system, resilient & scalable infrastructures, flood and drought is assured.


Check out Who profit from wars and Who fund them in the hope that one day we may stop killing each other.  

Banking System Crisis

What wrong with the Banking System ? To understand it, we need to know how banks create money, lend it out with interests, bail out by taxes, and how money is destroyed when the loan is repaid. Fairer and well regulated banking systems are needed.

Dangerous Trade Deals such as TPP

After long negotiations in secrecy, the TPP full text is finally available for the public. 

Post Ice Age Megaflood

The most Dangerous moment during the Long Ice Age Glaciation is when the thick Ice Sheets melt by abrupt warming caused by unpredictable risks.

Unpredictable Risks

Non predictable Global Risks with some localised, but global impact

Asteroids impacts

One asteroid the size of a small city can wipe out life on Earth and it did wiped out dinosaurs before.

Supervolnanic Eruptions

Another localised dangers that can cause global effects.

Quakes & Tsunami

These unpredictable events can locally cause series of risks and casualties.

The Solution is, nothing else.

This single, but complete set of development package could eliminate most, if not all of the risks above or only 5% survivals will have to start over from the Stone Age even with underground cities, food banks and seeds, etc, ... It isn't the matter of "IF" but when.



The real reasons for the ongoing activities around the world explained

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Climate Change

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