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The Birth of Japanese Imperialism ( The Vaticans ‘Meiji Restoration’)

In 1868 the Jesuits in the Vatican created the Japanese Imperial Empire, the same year the Black Pope would create his “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire on the ruins of George Washington’s Protestant Federal Republic of “These United States of America,” 1868. 

Centralizing all political power in Tokyo

(Take note the Japanese Imperialist ‘Rising Sun’ Flag which uses the Vatican Jesuit Society ‘Sun Symbol’ logo as a show of obedience to the Vaticans Central Banking cartels rise to power across Japan.)

The Jesuits then centralized all political power in Tokyo to be overseen by Jesuit Sophia University later established in 1913 with the blessing of Emperor Meiji. (The Jesuits would do the same in their new American Empire, centralizing all power in Washington, D.C., 1871, this “Rome on the Potomac” to be directed by Jesuit Georgetown University!)

In 1877 the last Samurai resistance to the “New Order” within Imperial Japan was annihilated thanks to American machine-guns given to Meiji’s new Japanese Army. (In this selfsame year Roman Catholic Army General Philip Sheridan, building the Black Pope’s “New Order” in Imperial America “from sea to shining sea,” defeated the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians during the Great Sioux War.)

The Order’s Hollywood movie titled “The Last Samurai” illustrates the event, Knight of Malta Tom Cruise playing the leading role. In time, Meiji’s grandson ascended the throne in Japan. Fascist Emperor Hirohito would be used by the Jesuit Order in using Rome’s Japanese Imperial Army to wage war in the Far East, its primary purpose being to instigate war with the United States of America (via Pearl Harbour) and to totally destroy other religion, the Protestant Reformation, and the reading of the Protestant Bible among the Chinese, Korean and Filipino peoples.

This is how we understand the Japanese Army’s “Rape of Nanking;” this is how we understand Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor American Army General Douglas MacArthur’s abandonment of the Philippines resulting in the “Death March of Bataan” sacrificing tens of thousands of White Anglo-Saxon American Protestants and Baptists of the Old Protestant South no matter how many Roman Catholics perished! “Kill em all; let God sort them out” is an old Jesuit maxim of war.

To put an end to this ongoing crusades called World War II, Jesuits allowed their loyal 14th Amendment American forces to takeover Berlin. They safely escorted Adolph Hitler to Central America via their ‘ratlines’ where he could live out his days in hidden opulence. The Jesuits final act of massive cruelty was to use their loyal 14th Amendment American forces to detonate two nuclear bombs in the rural Japanese areas of Nagasaki and Hiroshima (killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese men, woman and children who showed defiance to their Japanese Imperialist Army) which put a final end to this chapter of their ongoing roman crusade. 

SONY = Standard Oil of New York = Vatican Jesuits exploiting cheap Asian labour in Japan for cheap electronics to be sent to North America.



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