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The British Imperialism

In 1563 AD Roman Catholic Jesuits (Freemasons) meet at the Council of Trent to formally create a list of decrees allowing them to murder all global Non Roman Catholic ‘heretics’ who separate from the Roman Catholic Church. 

Since King James I in 1566 AD...ALL British Kings and Queens have been forced into obedience to the Roman Catholic Church and their loyal Rothschild bankers and forced to wear their Roman ‘Maltese’ Iron Cross Symbol on the top of their crown here in this picture. Less their secret ‘confessions’ be made public. This historic blackmailing reigns in the birth of British Imperialism. They are made to portray themselves as being Protestants (while secretly redirecting power and wealth to the Vatican.) The British Flag is simply a combination of the St.George Cross and the St.Andrew cross…..BOTH being Roman Catholic saints.

"Hey Queenie...If you are the supposed head of the Church of England (Anglican Protestant) then why are you wearing the Vaticans Knights of Malta 'Iron Cross'? You wouldn't happen to be PRETENDING to be Protestant while redirecting wealth and power back the Roman Catholic Church would you?"



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