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The Jesuit Order and their Secret Societies rule the world

Japan is Jesuit Asia technology outlet while America is their military outlet, and the "city" in the city of London is their financial outlet. Now, via treaties, they have China as their cheap factory outlet. The world is the Jesuit and their secret societies planet, whether you like it or not.


" The Jesuits were founded originally as The Society of Jesus on August 15, 1534, the day of "Assumption", during a secret ceremony held in the crypt of the Chapel of St.-Denis by Ignatius of Loyola (full name Iñigo López de Loyola), Francisco Xavier, Alfonso Salmeron, Diego Lainez, and all Nicolás Bobadilla from Spain, Peter Faber from Savoy, France, and Simão Rodrigues from Portugal.

The Birth of ‘British Imperialism’

In 1563 AD Roman Catholic Jesuits (Freemasons) meet at the Council of Trent to formally create a list of decrees allowing them to murder all global Non-Roman Catholic ‘heretics’ who separate from the Roman Catholic Church. Since King James I in 1566 AD... ALL British Kings and Queens have been forced into obedience to the Roman Catholic Church and their loyal Rothschild bankers (and forced to wear their Roman ‘Maltese’ Iron Cross Symbol on the top of their crown,) less their secret ‘confessions’ be made public. The British King and Queens then force other Kings, Queens, and dictators around the world into obedience to the Roman Catholic Church and their loyal Rothschild bankers .


This historic blackmailing reigns in the birth of British Imperialism. They are made to portray themselves as being Protestants (while secretly redirecting power and wealth to the Vatican). The British Flag is simply a combination of the St. George Cross and the St. Andrew Cross….. BOTH being Roman Catholic Saints.

"Hey Queenie... If you are the supposed head of the Church of England (Anglican Protestant), then why are you wearing the Vatican's Knights of Malta 'Iron Cross'? You wouldn't happen to be PRETENDING to be Protestant while redirecting wealth and power back to the Roman Catholic Church would you?"

1776-1871, American short-lived  independence from the 'British Empire'

The Original American Constitution was suspended in favour of a ‘Vatican Corporation’ back in 1871!

Since 1871, the United States President, Congress and Senate have been playing politics under a different set of rules and policies. The American people do not know that there are two Constitutions in the United States. The first penned by the leaders of the newly independent states of the United States in 1776 from the British Empire above. 

The Birth of Japanese Imperialism ( The Vaticans ‘Meiji Restoration’)

In 1868 the Jesuits in the Vatican created the Japanese Imperial Empire, the same year the Black Pope would create his “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire on the ruins of George Washington’s Protestant Federal Republic of “These United States of America,” 1868. 

The Vatican creation called 'Communism'

Vatican Jesuits created 'Communism' starting with their reductions in Paraguay. In order for the roman church to achieve international dictatorship, the nations had to be rebuilt and aligned into "blocks" pitted against each other after World War II. This would be called "the Cold War." The rebuilding of Europe and Japan would be financed by the Vatican’s Wall Street bankers and their loyal Jesuit Freemasons in the Federal Reserve Bank. Their now obedient government of Fourteenth Amendment (USA) would call this "foreign aid" justifying more taxation, further destroying the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Middle Class. The historic Catholic and Protestant nations of Western Europe would be "united" into the "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" (NATO) against a common enemy. That enemy, deliberately created by the Jesuits at Yalta, would be Joseph Stalin's "USSR" and satellite nations called "The Warsaw Pact." By controlling BOTH Capitalism & Socialism (through the Vatican central bank) and Communism, the Roman Catholic Church has been able to keep the world divided against itself while they attempt to build a one world communist government.

LAO Communism, Vatican Creation

Just like the old Soviet, China, North Korea, Cuba and Paraguay, Lao communism is Vatican creation too. They then and still now actively pit against each other after World War II and for the case of Laos, it was certain that this country cannot be developed until there is agreement among them on what to do with it. They knew pretty well since the 19th century that Laos has lots of freshwaters, and mountains, and warm weather below and nearby, a dangerous place against population reduction if developed but also perfect place for‪#NWO next plan after #5thReich BRICS falls, which started already, and during the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum. had been proposed.


By controlling the global central banking cartel, Vatican Jesuits and their Talmudic Zionists (Phony Jews playing the role of central bank heads) have been able to infiltrate & control ALL other religions via Freemasonry. The ones that adhere to their masonic pyramid structure maintain their massive wealth for their religion ( ie..Talmudic Zionists in Israel, Masonic Sheiks/Hindus in India, Budhhists in China, Wahhabi Islamists…aka ISIS in Saudi Arabia) while the honest religions are attacked by Romes mighty eagled NATO forces until Roman Catholics can conquer them with another central bank (ie....Sunni Muslims in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and soon Shiite Muslims in Syria and Iran) Their ultimate goal is a Communist One World Government...aka New World Order.


Vatican Jesuits (aka Central Bankers) have begun spraying endless chemtrails of aluminum oxide and barium-chlorides manufactured by their German Nazi company Bayer Pharmaceuticals (yes… the very same people who created the Zyklon B gas used during the Nazi holocaust to gas millions of heretics) all over North America to create manufactured global warming! First introduced by the late Edward Teller, a member of the Manhattan Project and father of the Hydrogen Bomb, co-founder and director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who proposed this geoengineering technique together with Roderick Hyde and Lowell Wood and who designed a variety of mixtures according to the specific tasks they have to perform within the stratosphere.

There is no such thing as a ‘MEXICAN’

In 1519 AD Roman Catholic ‘Conquistadors’ from Spain invaded the Central America region we now call ‘Mexico’ and slaughtered millions of Inca and Aztec aboriginals that lived there in a mass genocide to take over the entire region. Once the takeover was complete…. the Spaniards quickly begun flying their new ‘Mexican’ flag which is a combination of the Italian Flag and Roman Eagle (both showing a loyal homage to the Vatican in Rome). During the 1st crusades the pope's EU army killed all who would not be baptized into the Roman church. Nothing has changed. All pagans were put to death and forced to speak Spanish. In 1776 the population of Latin America was 98% Protestant, 1.8% Catholic, and 0.2 of the other 1% were Jewish. By 2012 - 94% of Mexicans are Catholic.

The Vaticans twin red sisters called ‘Nazism & Communism’

Marx and Engels (who wrote the communist manifesto, in 1848 AD) were actually coached and directed by Vatican Jesuit priests. The communist party was formed for the task of destroying the protector of the hated orthodox church, the Czar of Russia. It was for revenge.

Freemasonry, a powerful Jesuit  secret society

Their goal is the domination of the world from a deistic perspective.   Deism means a movement or system of thought advocating natural religion, emphasizing morality such as interest-free credit, common law, productive economy, beyond sustainability, peace, etc ... the opposite to the Jesuit Order but answering to the same master; Lucifer. 

The Vatican controls the world Central Banks

The reorganized Bank of Rome began branching out and opening various offices in Europe. Some of the banks they opened up: Venice (1587) The Wisselbank in Amsterdam (1609) Hamburg (1619) Nuremberg (1621) Rotterdam (1635) Bank of England (1694).

The Bank of England, having its model after the Bank of Rome and created by the Jesuits, actually became the world's first central bank. This central bank began the process of issuing "notes", charging interest on the entire capital they loaned to the English Parliament.

Vatican control of global Big Oil...

On May 15, 1911, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Standard Oil Cartel, financed by Vatican central bankers (through the Rockefeller Family), were a menace to the Republic and ordered it to be broken up. The Vatican central bankers (via the Rockefellers) vowed revenge against the US and began buying congressmen. 

Vatican Jesuits control BOTH sides of the American-led “War on Terror”

Jesuits created the Masonic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 using their fanatical, Islamic cult known as "Wahhabi Islam." Wahhabi Islam, "the Sword of the Church" in the Jesuits modern day Freemasonic pyramid was intended to be used against apostate, White Protestant, Western Civilization, was a creation of the Jesuit Society.



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