Food production regions; properties, businesses, famous tourist sites, basic infrastructures, etc ... along many rivers basins from north of Laos and along the Mekong were completely devastated and destroyed by this tiny Tropical Storm "Dianmu".

In 2011, the most intense period with stronger cyclones were between 24 August to 08 September when 44% of the year entire Tropical Cyclones were formed and half of them move straight westward via Laos just like "Dianmu" inundating Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand till late October of the same year. The devastation was delibarate, the weather itself was manipulated for UN Agenda 21 purposes administered by "democraticly" elected government of that time in Thailand, and permanently very active today across ASEAN and the world.

UN Official policies executed by global government:

This document said that there are too many people on Earth and every government agencies, the military, the police, food companies, drug corporations, doctors, etc ... have to kill people, their customers, and others and will get funding via USAID, world bank, IMF, EU, UK, and many big and private banks, and the UN, ... so the executioners will get richer.

Without the populace fights, nothing will stop them and replace this intended UN depopulation, corporate fascist, and governmental agenda-21 policies.


If people need to survive, the first task is to replace depopulation mindset government. Then work with sane bankers to create reasonable lines of credits together with public credit and government bonds to:

  • Fund the education 
  • Finance the design team
  • Finance the construction team
  • Finance the R&D, Marketing, productivity team, ...
  • Finance the maintenance team
  • Finance the system upgrade team

At medium term, the products export must balance the book and at long term create trade surplus. The ideal time to launch this project is when other countries are in trouble with their own trade deficit and big banks are at risk of going bust. That moment is NOW.  And here is the steps to follow:

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