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Global aerosol spraying (SAG and SRM, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management)

the real "madmen-made" factors affecting Earth weather, Climate, polluting air, water, soil, living things body, and mind

Early Weather modifications

The first known US weather modification operations called Project Cirrus, began in February 1947, Operation Popeye (also known as Operation Intermediary or Operation Compatriot) to weaponize weather modification during the Vietnam War after the enactment of Project Stormfury in 1962 – 1983. The intent of Operation Popeye was to extend the monsoon season over North Vietnamese and Viet Cong resupply routes through Laos (Ho Chi Minh Trail). Today it's global.


Weather Modification stories

The History of Weather Modification

From "Cloud Seeding" to hurricane dissipation, this is the history of human weather modification.

Scariest H.A.A.R.P Video's Exposed 2015

Strange Glowing Clouds are now more common than 30 years ago.

Chemtrails - Fully Exposed

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Owning the Weather

The US and the world economy is weather sensitive. By having the technology to control it, Corporate economy is maximized.

2017 Facts

Events justifying Long Range Global cooling acceleration

2016 Facts

Facts based events justifying Long Range Global cooling

Global Risks

SEAWAPA Team higher concerns explained

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Climate Change

Real Climate Change based on facts explained

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