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SEAWAPA Project Overview

"There has been no warming over 18 years."
In reality, Mini Ice-Age has started ( with the drop off should begin 2017 and hit bottom out 2024-2025.
Temperature will rebound slightly through 2035 then drop again through 2050 to Long Ice-Age Glaciation (
75% of Oceans are cooling at the moment as well as the lands.
And this sunspot cycle has going blank 3 years ahead of schedule, shortest solar cycle since the 1700. So many weather predictions were wrong, except few like John Casey.

Cosmic Rays are:
- inversely proportional to solar radiation, less solar radiation during blank sunspots increases the amount of cosmic rays to enter the atmosphere.
- inversely proportional to low clouds means more thick cloud formation at low altitude.

The Earth is cooling, we need to work together as human race to produce more food for everyone.
Collapses of the Roman Empire and Chinese Dynasties happened during past Grand Solar Minimums. This one will not be an exeption that will bring down with it your businesses, your savings, your shares and investments, your properties values, ...

The drop off should begin 2017 and hit bottom out 2024-2025.

Temperature will rebound slightly through 2035 then drop again through 2050 to Long Ice-Age Glaciation unless a VE7 supervolcanic explosion occurs, which usually happened during last Grand Solar Minimums, the climate will plunge Earth to Long Ice-Age Glaciation weeks after.

Without SEAWAPA development, evolution will be stopped, going backward (Grand Solar Minimum) or even resettled (Long Ice-Age Glaciation)
This big landmass with plenty of sun heat available in Africa and South Asia will need lots of freshwater in order to fully develop as further North and South Hemisphere will become less ideal.
FEMA representatives had came out and said that food shortages will abound by 2020 and food prices will rise by 395%. This summary was from the larger Food Chain Reaction Global Food Security Group Workshop. The findings were startling. All governments across the planet know the Grand Solar Minimum is arriving, and they had this exercise to discover the ramifications on our global food yields and delivery systems. Losses and chaos will be the outcomes, 2 billion casualties estimated globally.

REFERENCES,      8 STAGES OF GLOBAL COOLING,    2016, Beginning of Grand Solar Minimum Agricultural losses
An example of one Western Pacific tropical typhoon system, the Tropical  Depression Dianmu of 18-20 August 2016, in addition to already wet lands from monsoon or rains from Indian Ocean and Gulf of Thailand, the evaporation and melting Ice from Tibet.
Pictures of flood caused by the Tropical Depression Dianmu where 99% of overground freshwater received in Laos is unused and many quicky run off to the sea as there is not much large scale storage and the underground aquifers are already filling up and 99% not in use.
One Year Western Pacific Tropical Typhoons Tracks with 22% out of 44% formed during 24-August and 8 September makes landfall in Laos.
Map of the cumulative tracks of tropical cyclones during the 1958–2016 time period, the main sources of renewal energy and freshwater. The Pacific Ocean west of the International Date Line sees more tropical cyclones than any other basin, while there is almost no activity in the South of the Atlantic Ocean, south of the Equator, and between the north and south hemisphere cyclones zones.

As agricultural season will be shortened During 2017-2030 Mini Ice-Age and disabled during Long Ice-Age Glaciation, 2050 onward; create far-flung floating agriculture, industrial, and city complex modules across the equator, safely located between the tropical cyclones zones, connect them to SEAWAPA via a network of international floating bridges. This type of project will be "beyond sustainability" program.
Freshwater accumulation in Laos:
- Melting Ice from Tibet arrived by the Mekong
- Underground flow from South China
- Monsoon or rains from Indian Ocean, Gulf of Thailand
- Tropical cyclones from western Pacific


Freshwater is probably one of today’s most precious resources and vital for every lower form of everyday life. Besides the obvious Freshwater usage for drinking, washing and cooking, even more freshwater is needed for material developments we are consuming and services we are using. In some developing country such as North Africa, Russia and China, freshwater demand will exceed supply by 50%.

Freshwater plays an important role in the world economy, as it functions as a solvent for a wide variety of chemical substances and facilitates industrial cooling and transportation. Approximately 70% of freshwater is consumed by agriculture allowing organic compounds to react in ways that ultimately allow replication, feeding viruses and every photosynthetic organism needs fresh and sea water to produce energy and generate oxygen by consuming CO2. All known lower forms of life depend on water.

It takes around 3 000 liters of water, converted from liquid to vapor, to produce enough food and materials to satisfy one person’s daily dietary need. 10 billion inhabitants will need 30 trillion liters daily. There is increasing competition worldwide for water from industry, urbanization and biofuel crops. The secret of economy rely on the good management of freshwater resources. READ MORE
Floating and land-based Aquaponic and hydroponic systems will provide enough jobs, housing, education, healthcare, etc... for displaced people.
Zero Gravity Floating city spinning on axe above Earth Equator; faster and cheaper transit, safe from quakes, volcanic explosions, flood, drought, pollution, Ice-Age, Big Melt, ...
We will be able then to return landmasses to managed rainforest, and wildlife and oceans to marine life to the pre-industrial condition.

This is the real gateway to space exploration and discovery of the Universe. Commodity and technology will be supplied by system.

This will allow to use asteroids as banking lending collateral of astronomical values and allow their mining instead of considering them as threats.
More about water cycles.
The needs:
- Thinkers:
- International banking system: Central Bank Reserve, Interbank Settlement, Multi-Lateral Net Settlement, Real Time Gross settlement processor, inter-bank lending market.
- International trades: London LSE $5T, New-York Wall Street: $20T, EU, Middle-East, ASEAN, Japan, Taiwan, ... combining a total capital available of well over $300 quadrillions potential funds not including inlimitted amount banks can create. Visit to understand how banks work.

That will be enough purchasing power to build infrastructures, industrial complex, housing, & cities including roads, rail, airport, gas, petrol, water, electricity, communication, etc, ...