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2017, colder than 2016 for sure

Too many misinformation/misdirection campaigns to demonize needed warming, but not much about dangerous cooling, except:

little ice age has started

Mini Ice Age

Climate Change LIES

Ice Age now

Ice Age Farmer

2017 Extreme weather events around the world

Subzero temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds, mass flooding, ...

The sun drives Earth Climate

Svensmark vindicated again: New paper: Strong relationship between solar radiation&cloudiness in day-to-day analysis.

Volcanoes of the world

All volcanoes status. Any major VE 7 or bigger explosion will accelerate Earth Climate timeline

Floodings around the world

Google pictures of multiple floodings around the world as it happens

Winter 2017 events

Subzero temperatures, heavy snow around North Hemisphere
- Early and unusual UK Snow,
- Massive wind pulling warm air to the Alps 
- Snow double in Poland 
- Massive snowstorm across Italy
Matching our

- The Media is entertaining you with Global Warming
- more Exposure of NASA Massive New Climate Data Fraud, and Duped World Leaders Fraud Acceptance.

January 2017 Extreme weather events

Subzero temperatures, heavy snow and mass flooding
- Heavy snowfall and "Thundersnow" in the least expected places,
- Snow in Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Sahara Desert, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and in California,
- Frost in the Philippines, out of season cyclones and anticyclones
- Out of season flood across south Thailand 10 provinces, California, Europe
- More experts stated we could be heading for a "Mini Ice-Age" by 2021,
- more Exposure of NASA Massive New Climate Data Fraud, and Duped World Leaders Fraud Acceptance.

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2017 Facts

Events justifying Long Range Global cooling acceleration

2016 Facts

Facts based events justifying Long Range Global cooling

Global Risks

SEAWAPA Team higher concerns explained

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Climate Change

Real Climate Change vs Weather explained


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