best website creator presents Hydroloop

The only solution capable to face many risks, imminents or long-terms, from regional to global life-threatening events.
The Hydroloop system: freshwater collection, transfer, distribution, recycling, incorporation heating/cooling system, transport without fossil-fuel, electricity generation and distribution, on-time delivery system, mass food production with less packaging, fresher and more abundance, greening the planet, flood and drought control, fire protection, comfort housing, space exploration, ... The possibility is limitless.

The Real treats, the cold! 

UN IPCC (renamed ETC), NOAA-NASA, controlled mainstream media, bought-off scientists, academics, politicians, LIE that more population consuming fossil fuel cause co2 increases warming the Earth dangerously, and sea level will rise inundating coastal cities !

But honest Scientists agree that the Sun&Co dictates Earth Climate and #miniIceAge of #SolarCycle25 has begun as  the sun prepares to hibernate for a very Long  #IceAge Glaciation from #SolarCycle26 onward. And we still have many more threats to solve or to prevent.


Climate Change LIES

Ice Age now

Mini Ice Age has started