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Global Risks Assessment  and Solutions

The Earth Climate is changing rapidly; food production, comfort living, health, transportation, and economy will be affected. SEAWAPA presents global solutions.  

Mini Ice-Age has started

 Start: 2017, bottom: 2021, end: 2035

The temperature drop off accelerated from 2017 with agricultural season length shortened, and will bottom out by 2021. The temperature will rebound slightly through 2035.

Long Ice-Age

Start: 2050, bottom: 2075, End: 92,000

After the short rebound, the temperature will drop again to plunge Earth climate into Long Ice-Age Glaciation (seawapa.org/ia) from the second half of the 21st Century.

Other Risks

VEI 7, Asteroids, Solar Radiation, ...

If any of these VEI 7 super volcanic explosion, an asteroid impact, or a solar radiation events occur, mini Ice-Age and Ice-Age timeline will change to weeks after event.


SEAWAPA is the only real solution 

Only SEAWAPA can eliminate risks from mini Ice-Age, quakes,  Ice-Age, among other risks by displacing 7 billions to safer zones and to mass exploit the universe. Just Be active

2017 Facts

Events justifying Long Range Global cooling acceleration

2016 Facts

Facts based events justifying Long Range Global cooling

Global Risks Assessment

SEAWAPA Team higher concerns explained

Our Solutions

Global, Multi-Generational, high-value Jobs, and wealth Solutions

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Much of the capital available at SEAWAPA is provided on a subscription basis – where SEAWAPA underwriters join together as Corporates/Syndicates and where Corporates/Syndicates join together.

As an independent organisation and regulator, corporates/syndicates funds will be mainly used:
- to maintain, promote economic growth, and underwrite human progress
- to protect our syndicates market's reputation and services
- to fund research, to reports and analyse all field of industry’s knowledge bases

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about joining us or register to be part of our syndicates Global Solutions.


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