Global Risks Assessment  and Solutions

The Earth Climate is changing rapidly; food production, comfort living, health, transportation, and economy will be affected. SEAWAPA presents global solutions.  

Mini Ice-Age has started

 Start: 2017, bottom: 2021, end: 2035

The temperature drop off should start to decline from 2017 with agricultural season length shortened, and bottom out by 2021. The temperature will rebound slightly through 2035.

Long Ice-Age

Start: 2050, bottom: 2075, End: 92,000

After the short rebound, the temperature will drop again to plunge Earth into Long Ice-Age Glaciation ( from the second half of the 21st Century.

Other Risks

VEI 7, Asteroids, Solar Radiation, ...

Any of these VEI 7 super volcanic explosion, an asteroid impact, or a solar radiation events can completely affect mini Ice-Age and Ice-Age timeline to weeks after event.


All risks can be eliminated 

Only SEAWAPA can eliminate risks from mini Ice-Age, quakes,  Ice-Age, among other risks by displacing 7 billions to safer zones and to mass exploit the universe. Just Be active

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